Olympus Digital Dictation

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Olympus DS/AS7000 Pro Dictation / Transcription Set
The Olympus DS & AS7000 Professional Dictation & Transcription Set This Set comb..
$1,148.02 $885.00
Ex Tax: $804.55
Olympus DS7000 Air Dictation Kit
The Olympus DS7000 Air with 8GB SD FlashAir Card The Power Of Speech: Easy, Mobile And S..
$779.00 $649.00
Ex Tax: $590.00
Olympus DS7000 Dictation Kit
  Video   The Power Of Speech: Easy, Mobile And Secure The to..
$699.00 $545.00
Ex Tax: $495.45
Olympus ME30W Conference Microphone Kit
Powerful Recording with any Olympus Stereo Voice Recorder For meetings, conferences and ..
$649.00 $549.00
Ex Tax: $499.09
Olympus DS3500 Dictation Kit
The Perfect Blend Of Premium Features And Ease Of Use The DS-3500 professional dictation syst..
$549.00 $455.00
Ex Tax: $413.64
Olympus LS100 Music and Sound Recorder
Specifically designed to record in the highest fidelity in any sound environment. Presenting ..
$499.00 $444.00
Ex Tax: $403.64
Olympus AS7000 Transcription Kit
The Ultimate Addition To Your Olympus Professional Dictation System The powerful AS-7000 Tran..
$449.00 $355.00
Ex Tax: $322.73
Philips LFH3210 USB SpeechMike Classic III
Philips SpeechMike Classic III LFH3210 Boost your productivity with a professional dictat..
$424.00 $357.00
Ex Tax: $324.55
Olympus AS2400 Transcription Kit
A fantastic accessory to your Olympus professional dictation system The AS-2400 is compatible..
$423.90 $339.00
Ex Tax: $308.18
Olympus DS2500 Dictation Kit
  High Quality Performance In An Easy To use Device Give efficiency a lift in y..
$399.00 $355.00
Ex Tax: $322.73
Olympus AS56 ODMS Administration CD
The ODMS Administration CD contains all of the tools required to install, customize, and manage a..
Ex Tax: $353.64
Olympus ME31 Gun Microphone
Compact Gun Microphone Durable metal construction, features a removable grip, Wind screen inc..
$299.00 $249.00
Ex Tax: $226.36
Olympus LS14 Music and Sound Recorder
A new Tresmic microphone system and enhanced music functions make the LS-14 perfect companions fo..
$249.00 $225.00
Ex Tax: $204.55
Olympus LS12 Music and Sound Recorder
When professional sound meets simplicity. The LS-12 offers improved low noise and high qualit..
$199.00 $179.00
Ex Tax: $162.73
Olympus AS7002 Transcription Software
Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) Release 6 Transcription Software The Oly..
Ex Tax: $168.18